Sunshine DIY Back Sticker Photo Skin Printer & Color Phone Skin Paper Set Bundle Sale

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-Phone Models Supported

The phone skin printer maximizes its productivity when working with the Sunshine cutting machine. User only needs to select their preferred photo, and Sunshine cutting machine will cut the phone skin according to the specific model. As a result, phone skin printer supports phone skin customization of mainstream phone models on the market.

-Benefits of USP Phone Skin Printer

1. DIY Phone Skin to Save Back Film Inventory

2. High-Quality Printing with 300*300 dpi Resolution

3. Small & Magnetic Design

4. Anti-fingerprint & Anti-scratch Phone Skin

5. Click to Print Directly on Smart Plotter

6. Easy Management of Exclusive Photo Gallery

7. 9s Quick Printing

-Package includes:

Machine*1 PCS

Scratch card*1 PCS

Dustproof PMMA Shield*1 PCS

Phone Skin Paper*36 PCS

matte films*36 PCS

Color ribbon*1 PCS

Cutting mat*1 PCS