SUNSHINE SS-870C MINI Multifunctional Intelligent Cloud Film Cutting Machine

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SUNSHINE SS-870C MINI Intelligent film cutting machine

.Support precise cutting under 11 inches, suitable for mobile phone front/rear film, watch, AirPods, camera, etc.
.Smart Bluetooth connection, Cutfilm APP operation, with self-developed system, safe and reliable
.No need for tedious steps, automatic induction film feeding, one-key ultra-fast custom cutting of mobile phone front film and back film
.Industrial grade high-quality cutter head, high-precision cutting, fine aperture, durable, can physically adjust the cutting head pressure, retractable, disassemble, replace
.Suitable for mobile phone shops, accessories shops, repair shops, digital goods shops, mobile phone repair tool shops, personal entrepreneurship, etc.

Dual smart operation: Independent machine WiFi connection touch operation, mobile phone Bluetooth connection APP remote operation, with the independent operating system, no need to connect to a computer.

Cloud database, real-time update: Full range of mobile phone models, real-time update.

Support precise cutting under 11 inches: Suitable for front/rear films of mobile phones, watches, AirPods, cameras, etc., can be accurately cut (HD/anti-blue/frosted/anti-peep/import) hydrogel film/creative personality color film, etc.

SS-057: HD imported hydrogel film
SS-057B: Anti-blue light imported hydrogel film
SS-057E: Matte imported hydrogel film
SS-057R: Compressive repair of imported hydrogel film
SS-057S: Anti-peep frosted imported hydrogel film
SS-057A/SS-057H: HD hydrogel film
SS-057D: Personalized creative color film