SUGON T36 Nano Soldering Station 1S Rapid Heating With Original Soldering Tip For Integrated Circuit Component Welding Repair

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Model: SUGON T36

Power Consumption: 85W

Input Voltage: AC 110V / AC 220V 50/60Hz

Range of Temperature: Decide by working mode(200℃-450℃ / 392°F-842°F)

Temperature Stability: ±2℃/Without air flow and no load

Tip to Ground Resistance: <1Ω(DC)

Tip to Ground Potential: <25mV(True RMS)

Quick operation:

Short press SET button once to switch ℃/°F display

Long press SET (lock/unlock) to set storage channel

When the power is off, press and hold the SET key for about 3 seconds to automatically enter the temperature calibration interface, press the up and down keys to adjust the temperature, after the adjustment is completed, press the SET key to save and exit

Button state, press and hold the CH1 button for about 3 seconds to turn on/off the buzzer sound


The jbc soldering iron tip is brand new packaging, please pay attention when receiving the goods. (Pictured)