SUGON T28 Soldering Station C115 C210 Handle

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Style: T28 with Relife [C115&C210]

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1. Equipped with quick-change soldering iron tip device and soldering iron tip storage silicone, it is more convenient to use.

2. Equipped with two handles (C210&C115) and two storage brackets, which can be replaced as needed.

3. Equipped with innovative copper wire brush and traditional copper wire ball, it is more convenient and efficient to clean the soldering iron tip.

4. The chip program controls the temperature, quickly and accurately heats up and heats, and the tin is melted in two seconds.

5. The heating core protection function automatically stops working before releasing a short circuit to protect the machine from damage.


1、The two handles cannot be used at the same time. The handle can be replaced by plugging and unplugging the interface cable of the handle, which is convenient to use.

2、Since the new 115 handle is now replaced, the bracket without the 115 handle can also sleep, so it is replaced by a common bracket.


T28 soldering station*1

C115 handle*1

C210 handle*1

JBC C115-101*1

JBC C210-020*1

Silicone work mat*1

Power cord*1

Ground wire*1

Product manual*1