PK Clear Screen Protector For iPhone 14 Pro (10 PCS/Box)

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Oleo-phobic Coating: Has an oleo-phobic anti-oil & anti-water coating, providing extra   protection from scratches, oil, finger prints and dirt, helping to keep   your screen looking clear.

Shatterproof Design: It   is resistant to shattering or splintering. In case of tempered screen   damage, the little pieces are stuck and kept together for safe deal   with.

Superior Impact & Scratch Protection: 9H   hardness tempered glass screen protector is impossible to scratch and   will protect your phone screen from breaking. 9H hardness tempered   glass film which is 4 times stronger than regular film. Sharp objects   such as knives and keys will not scratch the surface.

High Touch Screen Sensitivity: Highly responsive to touch with no response delays and feels smoother than plastic screen protectors.

Ultra Slim Design: Very   thin at 0.3mm thick, it doesn't add any bulk to your phone and gives   your phone screen a high level of protection from damage whilst remaining invisible.

Crystal Clear Clarity: 99.9%   transparency and an oleo-phobic coating maintains the high-definition retina viewing experience, you won't even notice that you have a screen protector applied.