Mini Multimeter DT-02 Smart Pen Type RELIFE

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  • Multi-function measurement can measure a variety of electronic components to meet your needs for multi-function, suitable for on-site services maintenance personal DIY enthusiasts, home maintenance, etc
  • Suitable for mobile phone maintenance testing, resistance measurement, diode, on-off test, etc.
  • In LIVE mode, a single pen can realize the judgment of neutral and live wires, the live wire lights up red and displays "----" with a beep, and the neutral line lights up green and displays "LIVE"
  • Built-in sensor, when it detects a weak AC voltage nearby, the green light indicator flashes, and the buzzer emits a slow beeping sound. When encountering a strong voltage, the indicator light emits red light, and the buzzer emits a rapid beeping sound
  • The screen defaults to turn off the backlight, long press the backlight button to turn on the backlight, and the data is clear at a glance
  • LED flashlight lighting, the light is bright, and there is an extra security guarantee for power measurement in the dark
  • Breaking the design scheme of the conventional multimeter, pen-style design, smart, convenient, and more convenient
  • Suitable for on-site services maintenance, personal DIY enthusiasts, home maintenance, etc. places
  • Detachable positive electrode nib, anti-oxidation, not easy to break and wear, equipped with cap protection
  • Energy saving and power saving, longer battery life
  • The instrument uses an AAA 1.5V battery(Not included), which is easy to replace, easy to buy, and has a longer battery life
  • The multimeter will automatically shut down in 5 minutes if there is no operation
  • Applicable to all kinds of electrical appliances, small electronic components, circuit maintenance testing
  • Multi-functional measurement, can measure a variety of electronic components to meet your multi-functional needs

  • Brand: RELIFE
  • Product name: Pen-style Multimeter
  • Model: DT-02
  • Net weight: ≈47g
  • Gross weight: ≈120g
  • Product Size: 174*25*22mm
  • Package Size: 57*182*32mm
  • Display method: LCD
  • Maximum display: 5999 (3 5/6) digit automatic polarity display
  • Measurement mode: Dual integral A/D conversion
  • Sampling rate: About 3 times per second
  • Over range display: The highest digit displays "OL"
  • Working environment: (0-40)°C, relative humidity <80%
  • Power supply: AAA 1*1.5V battery (Not included)
  • DCV/ACV: Yes
  • Full unit symbol: Yes
  • Resistance/diode/continuity test: Yes
  • NCV: Yes
  • Backlight manual/auto off: Yes
  • Neutral/Live Wire Test: Yes
  • True RMS measurement: Yes
  • Flashlight lighting: Yes
  • Automatic switch machine: Yes

Package includes:
  • 1 x Multimeter
  • 1 x Test Cable