SUNSHINE B-7000 -50ML Mobile Screen Transparent Glue

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  • B7000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue
  • Multi-purpose B7000 glue, used for mobile repair, screen replacements, back glass and any application where adhesive is required. 
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Self leveling Adhesive with High Elasticity for Smartphone, Tablet, Electronic Components, Jewelry, Toys, Metal, Glass, Rubber, Fiber, Paper, Ceramics, Wood, Cloth, Textile, Nylon, PVC, Leather and other materials.
  • B-7000 HIGH Performance Glue outperforms Silicones, Acrylics and Rubber cements because it adheres to more surfaces with greater durability. B-7000 provides a superior bond on stubborn porous and non-porous substrates.
  • SPECIAL DESIGNED PRECISION TIPS: Allows Small Adhesive drops for fine, Precise , Controlled and no mess Applications
  • Appearance: transparent semi-fluid
  • Solid content: 28% -35%
  • Cured Hardness: 70-85A
  • Surface dry time: 6 minutes
  • Full cure time: 24-48 hours
  • Storage: stored at 10 degrees to 28 degrees celcius