SUNSHINE 057UR Nano Glass Film (Need Cutting Machine) (1 PCS) UV Film with Glass Fibre

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SUNSHINE 057U Hydrogel Membrane Nano Glass Fiber For Cutting Machine (Need Cutting Machine) UV Curable Flexible Film

Sunshine UV Glass Fiber Univsal Film?Installation


1.Suitable for front/back film of mobile phone, watch, AirPods, camera, etc.

2.Using high-transmittance optical materials, the light transmittance is as high as 95%, no fear of strong light reflection and whitening of the screen, restoring the best visual experience.

3.The complex process structure adopts ultra-precision processing technology, and the thickness is controlled at 0.08mm, which is as thin as a cicada's wings, invisible protection, and experience the real bare metal feel.

4.UV microcrystalline hardening process, effectively preventing sharp objects from scratching, the surface is more sharp and tough, preventing daily scratches.