SUGON 3005PM 30V 5A DC Power Supply 4-Digit Display

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Sugon 3005PM 30V 5A adjustable DC Power Supply with 4 digits display screen and 8 USB ports for mobile phone, iPad, MacBook, other electronic devices repair.

1. 150W 30V 5A full digital power control single.
2. Increase the load power display, and display the working status of the load power supply.
3. High and low voltage (8.4/30) limited conversion is provided, and 8.4v is suitable for laptop maintenance.
4. More USB interfaces are provided without back and forth plugs and replacement.
5. There are six sets of intelligent USB adjustable outputs and two sets of fixed 5V/2A current outputs.
6. Four memory buttons, one-second reading, and three seconds of storage can also store voltage, current, continuous overcurrent/single overcurrent/protection settings.
7. The voltage and current are stable and reliable, without peak output. Under the constant current and constant voltage mode, the current and voltage remain stable without fluctuation even under the influence of various factors.
8. Ring transformer, which can work at high temperatures without affecting the service life of current.
9. Over the current protection setting, more stable protection of the machine.

Model: SUGON 3005PM.
Power: 150W.
Product size: 230x125x25mm.
Package size: 300x200x255mm.
Weight: 5KG.