Premium Portable Mobile Phone Tempered Film Cleaning Bag - Wet & Dry Alcohol clean wipe

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1.Color: white

2.Material: cloth

3.Fit for: all cell phone and camera

4.Size: 6cm*6cm

Conversions:1cm=0.03937 inch,1 inch= 2.54cm


Step 1: Turn off the electronic device and let cool.

Step 2: Wet cloth and gently wipe entire surface to be cleaned.

Step 3: Dry cloth and wipe surface in straight horizontal or vertical.

Wet wipes -containing professional cleaning fluid, and high hydroscopic property

Dry wipes -The product can be used for Tempered Glass Screen Protector,Protective Film,Cases and Covers,DV lens, DC screens, monitors, glasses, CD and so on.

Note: Please be careful with alcohol allergy! Cleaning with alcohol can not be used for human disinfection!

Disposable products, open the package soon after the alcohol volatilization

Products should be used to wipe stains, mainly used to paste the screen before the screen clean.