SUGON 8650 Hot Air Gun Station 3 Mode 1300W Intelligent Digital Display

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1. SUGON 8650 is a brand-new three-mode hot air station, with Gentel/General/Rapid three modes. According to different usage habits and proficiency, different heating modes can be selected.

2. With four memory storage channels, the temperature and air volume of each channel can be set independently, and when selecting different channels, there will be indicator lights below.

3. The new cold air/hot air conversion function can blow out cold air, which is more convenient and quicker when working.

4. Use a new linear detachable handle, with four buttons on the front of the handle, which can control and select four memory storage channels; short press the back button to switch the cold air/hot air output, and long press to enter the key lock mode.

5. Using a brand new handle bracket, it can be replaced into two modes, namely single station + 6 air gun nozzle storage and double station + 3 air gun nozzle storage.

6. With automatic sleep function, parameter settings can be adjusted in sleep state.

7. The brushless vortex fan is adopted, the air volume is adjustable, and the range is large, which can be applied to various purposes.

8. The system is equipped with an automatic large air volume cooling function to prolong the life of the heating element and protect the hot air handle.

9. It has multiple functions such as temperature calibration, °C/°F switching, buzzer switch, etc.

Product parameters:

Maximum power: 1300W

Rated voltage: AC 220V / AC 110V

Temperature range: 100-550°C/212-1022°F

Air volume range: 1-200L/min



1 x SUGON 8650

1 x Air gun stand

8 x Nozzles (6 x straight nozzles, 2 x curved nozzles)

1 x Grounding wire

1 x 6 languages manual