Kaisi 1505TD 15V 5A DC Power Supply Intelligent DC Regulated Voltage Regulator With 5V 2A USB Charging Port

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KAISI 1505TD 15V 5A DC power supply with 5V 2A USB charging port for mobile phone repair. KAISI 1505TD intelligent DC regulated power supply voltage regulator.

1. 15V 5A voltage locking conversion.
2. 5V 2A current locking conversion.
3. One-key to boot, Apple one button PW boot function.
4. USB charging.
5. Charging current display function.
6. 4 digits LCD display.

1. Apple one button PW boot function.
When 5V is locked, the USB voltage is adjusted to about 4.2V, and a one-button boot line is used(salef-configuration is required), press PW key to realize one-button boot.

2. 2A pointer display.
Can turn 2A pointer display(LCD display and pointer display at the same time), continuous power pointer watches band LED lamp lighting operation more convenient and clearer.

3. Automatic protection reset function.
Protestion speed is fast, the load and short circuit can be timely protection, cut-off output, after troubleshooting, automatic return to normal work.