Kaisi 300DP 3D video microscope for mobile phone repairing with 12 inch display

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1, optical amplification, electronic imaging, LED lighting integrated built-in design.
2, clearer optical observation effect, HD display, resolution up to 1080P.
3, convergence light path design, larger field of view, greater depth of field.
4, powerful software operation, can be measured, storage, photography, and comparison.
5, optical magnification: 0.28X-2X as standard.
6. The objective lens is continuously doubled from 0.7x to 5X, and the ratio of the objective lens is 1:7
7, standard working distance up to 100mm, optional auxiliary objective lens, working distance can be extended to 75-210mm.
8, with 3D objective lens 360 degrees without dead Angle observation
9, with a variety of support bases to expand the operation range, can observe objects in any direction.
Note: The actual magnification of the video microscope is determined by the optical and digital magnification of the objective


Input voltage: 110-220V/50-60Hz
Eyepiece: 0.4 X
Objective magnification: 0.7x -5X continuous multiplication
Standard working distance: 100mm
Field of view: 2mm-54mm
Focal length adjustment range: 49mm
Pixels: 2 million
Resolution: 1080P
Refresh rate: 60 frames
Sensitizer area: 1/2 inch