Qianli 3D Pry Tool (0.12mm)

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- Bending design: increase the bending design at the top of the disassemble Let you never have to worry about scratching the screen

- Use method display: Unlike flat disassemble piece, the 3D teardown tablet can be used to disassemble the screen at multiple angles

- Use the side bends to disassemble the screen, which can be perfectly embedded in the screen to remove vinyl and avoid scratching the screen of the phone

- The corner bend of the 3D disassemble piece can be seamlessly connected to the phone screen

- The top bend section is also perfect for fitting the phone slot so that the teardown can have more options

- The small tail of the disassembled piece can make you more comfortable during the disassembling process

- The bottom of the disassembled card is disassembled to generate more force, which makes it easy to open the plane that is difficult to shake

- Super toughness: selected high-quality steel is more flexible and durable, easy to rebound and easy to deform

- Glue-type fitting non-slip: The pressing area realizes the glue-type fitting, which brings the comfort and the anti-slip effect