Baseus Zinc Magnetic Series Lenovo Laptop Charging Cable Type-C to DC Round Port(7.9*5.5mm) 100W 2m Black

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  • Are you tired of a heavy adapter for your laptop charging cable? It is high time you replaced it with a handy and practical item. Use a universal charger with the port USB type C to supply power to the laptop. The cable is designed for laptops, which ends with a plug USB Type C on one side and the laptop-matching plug on the other. The cable is equipped with a smart magnetic connection. You can therefore save space, reduce weight and lower the wear of the port in the laptop.
  • The cable with a plug USB Type C which you can connect to a universal charger is a highly convenient solution that facilitates everyday duties. A nylon cable is super light so it will not overload your bag or backpack. It takes little space so it is perfect for those who often move with their laptops. Since it is 2m long, it allows you to freely connect the cable to the source of power, even if the socket is far away.
  • Frequent connection and disconnection of the charging cable plug may eventually weaken the port or make the power supply ineffective. Baseus cable has been supplied with a novel solution †the plug is connected to the remaining part of the cable through a magnet. So, to charge the laptop, you need to link two magnetic tips. You don’t need to unplug it every time. It means considerable comfort
  • Laptop charging cables are highly exposed to various damage. If you often move, unfold and wrap them, you can weaken their structure. At work you may crash them with a desk armchair or trap with cupboard doors, it also affects their condition. Baseus item has been made of durable materials resistant to unfavorable working conditions. A durable nylon and solid aluminum make this cable serve you for many years.