Battery Spot Welder Upgrade Version RELIFE RL-936WB

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Relife rl-936wb Mini battery spot welder

. It is suitable for precise welding of nickel sheets, small battery plates, stainless steel sheets, stainless iron sheets, etc. of lithium batteries. It can weld to nickel mobile phone batteries, and supports welding of mainstream mobile phone batteries such as ip/hw/mi/mz/op/vi

. The external copper spot welding seat, the battery placed on the machine, can be welded by one hand, reducing power consumption

. Low, medium and high gear welding mode. Four grid electric quantity display; Short press the key to switch gears, long press to start the machine, and the machine will shut down automatically without operation for 10 minutes

. Small and portable, in line with the size of hand holding, more in line with ergonomic design, to bring you a more comfortable use experience